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theJANG - 11.19.12, 11:48 pm Post #1: | Reply With Quote
JConcepts Choppers short course tires for general all-terrain & bashing use tested on 2WD & 4WD vehicles.

(watch this on YouTube for more options)

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"Experienced user"
PetRock - 11.20.12, 5:13 am Post #2: | Reply With Quote
At first I thought they were a competitor to Pro-Line Badlands for bashing, but they seem to handle harder surfaces much better. I may have found my next set of tires...
drbyrnes's Avatar
"Experienced user"
drbyrnes - 11.20.12, 8:00 am Post #3: | Reply With Quote
My local track is like the outdoor track you were running on, except with a deeper dusty crust on the top. I am leaning towards picking these up for the SCB, her current one's are almost shot.

If you get a chance, I'm really curious about the similar offering from AKA tire in the 1/8th scale size called Moto.
Wraith81's Avatar
"Experienced user"
Wraith81 - 11.20.12, 8:31 am Post #4: | Reply With Quote
I put a set of these on my 2wd Slash as well. I've been very happy with them. Well, other than the fact that they wouldn't fit my Proline beadlocks.
Bernard C's Avatar
"Experienced user"
Bernard C - 1.08.13, 9:17 pm Post #5: | Reply With Quote
I have a question : how do these tires perform on grass ? As JANG never review a vehicle or set of tires on grass (correct me if I am wrong), I was wondering. My prefered bashing spot is coreved with lawn.
SticKeRs's Avatar
"Experienced user"
SticKeRs - 1.08.13, 9:59 pm Post #6: | Reply With Quote
^^ better than any SC tire so far

Tried them on my 2wd sct and it was significantly faster over grass compared to Gladiators or Trenchers
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Bernard C's Avatar
"Experienced user"
Bernard C - 1.08.13, 10:42 pm Post #7: | Reply With Quote
Thanks SticKeRs. I just ordered a set of choppers for my turnigy 2wd SCT. Patience is all I need now.
Jcascia's Avatar
Jcascia - 1.16.13, 9:38 pm Post #8: | Reply With Quote
I run these on a lcg 2wd slash on loose dirt/clay and on a damp clay track. Almost every time I run, people will ask what they are and mention how well they hook up. I love them!
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"Experienced Question Asker"
sirsk11 - 3.04.15, 8:24 pm Post #9: | Reply With Quote
trying to compare these to trenchers for general-offroad bashing. Mostly up and down my street, then when I have more time like trails, grass, large open dirt/rocky areas. These or trenchers?
Willie Evans's Avatar
"Experienced user"
Willie Evans - 3.04.15, 8:28 pm Post #10: | Reply With Quote
I didnít read the date at first and I thought he posted a new video!
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