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kirbenvost's Avatar
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kirbenvost - 11.22.12, 1:05 pm Post #11: | Reply With Quote
adma20 said
fancy, how much?
One meeeelion dollars!
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traxxasrockhead - 11.22.12, 1:55 pm Post #12: | Reply With Quote
wow i like it a 4ch pistol transmitter from spektrum good stuff

but i prefer the 4pl
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Rsickles - 11.22.12, 3:28 pm Post #13: | Reply With Quote
JimPrower said
...could someone explain the issue with Spektrum radios in plain language? I've never had a problem with my DX2E...
Range, glitch, interference, etc. I've experienced Spektrum first-hand going out of range, seen it happen to other cars, including a runaway. I've also seen Spektrum's glitch with FlySky's around, but miraculously the glitching goes away when the FlySky(s) get turned off.

All radios are designed to accept interference, per FCC regulations, but apparently the FlySky's dance around on the Spektrums.
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RemeCA's Avatar
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RemeCA - 11.22.12, 3:45 pm Post #14: | Reply With Quote
I had two runaways and several brownouts within 20 yards with my dx3s, no issues after switching to an hip tf40.
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justpoet's Avatar
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justpoet - 11.24.12, 12:07 am Post #15: | Reply With Quote
I've had range/glitch issues with the older DSM receivers, such as the SR300 and 3300T.
However when I use a DSM2 receiver, such as the SR3520 or the OrangeRX GR300, those issues never show up.

It'll be interesting to see how much, if any, this new release with new DSMR technology in it changes things. I also hope they have an upgrade path for the DX3R Pro that I have if the new technology actually brings them up to the performance level of the top names.
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Streethawk's Avatar
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Streethawk - 11.24.12, 11:21 am Post #16: | Reply With Quote
Also had a glitching Spek, and seen it happen to many others. Replaced with a 4PK and i'll never go back!
Drewderzslash's Avatar
"Experienced user"
Drewderzslash - 11.25.12, 6:28 pm Post #17: | Reply With Quote
interested if a DX4R is around the corner. I run my DSM1 sr300's with the fly sky radios all day without issues. I may go to DSM2 recievers though, just to avoid any issues.
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cjk162006's Avatar
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cjk162006 - 11.25.12, 7:03 pm Post #18: | Reply With Quote
I had some range/glitching issues with my old Pro module in my M11, switched to the FHSS-2 Airtronics module, nothing since
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Drey's Avatar
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Drey - 11.25.12, 8:34 pm Post #19: | Reply With Quote
I run a DX3S and love it. I have noticed some glitching with the DMS1 receivers and certain servos, the spektrum glitch busters have always curred the issues however.

I do like how this screen is backlight, that is one feature I wish my DX3S had.
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lesclaypool's Avatar
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lesclaypool - 11.25.12, 8:51 pm Post #20: | Reply With Quote
Looks nice! I've been running a DX3S for about 3 years, on about 8 different rigs. Never ever had any issues. Range is unreal, and no glitching whatsoever.
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