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Super B's Avatar
"Experienced user"
Super B - 12.20.12, 11:48 pm Post #31: | Reply With Quote
Looks good man, You did what I wanted to do but I think my tire size is what killed me. What size tire are you running? I got tired of busting tranny gears and down graded the motor.
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n_d_fox's Avatar
"Experienced user"
n_d_fox - 12.21.12, 3:11 am Post #32: | Reply With Quote
Awesome work buddy... that MT looks like a lot of fun...

Watching closely for the spec builds and those painted bodies going onto the chassis next
szac's Avatar
"Experienced user"
szac - 12.30.12, 11:02 pm Post #33: | Reply With Quote
Switched the Clod tires over to Stampede tires on the MT and threw on a temporary bug body.

We ran the Backslash, MT, and STRC LCG on an indoor clay track over the weekend.

Damage report for the 1:30 minute session:
MT: rear a-arm
Backslash: bearing carrier and both rear shock shafts
LCG: DIY battery strap failed

Checked a bunch off of the shopping list and the HK Trackstar 13.5 motor for the LCG came in.

Transmission rebuild and "bearing blasting" on the Rustler donor spec Slash. Added electronics on both spec Slashes.

NikkoCharger's Avatar
"The man without a plan"
NikkoCharger - 1.05.13, 9:19 pm Post #34: | Reply With Quote
Suddenly... A wild signature appears!!
AbSoLooT's Avatar
"Experienced user"
AbSoLooT - 1.05.13, 10:18 pm Post #35: | Reply With Quote
You are a master of your craft. I LOVED your pic of the drawings, than your execution of that body was fantastic.. Absolutly amazing painting job. Hopefully updates come soon.
szac's Avatar
"Experienced user"
szac - 1.06.13, 4:07 pm Post #36: | Reply With Quote
NikkoCharger said
Currently in a holding pattern waiting on bodies and some misc. parts

@AbSoLooT, @n_d_fox, and @Super B - Thanks very much! Check out the links I posted for my set up on the paint (post #29 in this thread). It all seems to come down to being patient and not rushing the layers. First layer is just a tack coat and barely visible.
trashyrich's Avatar
"Experienced user"
trashyrich - 1.06.13, 4:35 pm Post #37: | Reply With Quote
Yea, I agree. Those bodies are awesome. Good work.
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RcWizzard's Avatar
"Experienced user"
RcWizzard - 1.08.13, 3:37 pm Post #38: | Reply With Quote
I'm wanting to do the something to my slash. Is that wing mount the traxxas 5411?
szac's Avatar
"Experienced user"
szac - 1.08.13, 4:08 pm Post #39: | Reply With Quote
RcWizzard said
Is that wing mount the traxxas 5411?
Nope it's the mount that Jang listed in the Backslash project page: HPI Hellfire Wing Mount HPI85513
SlasherBasher98's Avatar
"Experienced user"
SlasherBasher98 - 1.17.13, 6:51 pm Post #40: | Reply With Quote
Are you still waiting on parts???
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