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gnrkenny's Avatar
"casual master mechanic"
gnrkenny - 12.06.12, 2:04 pm Post #21: | Reply With Quote
Has anyone heard news on when this is getting released?
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Gabe2304 - 12.06.12, 2:04 pm Post #22: | Reply With Quote
Now if only RPM would make a front skid, chassis, spur gears and a realistic front bumper for the Stampede.

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thestug - 12.06.12, 2:17 pm Post #23: | Reply With Quote
theJANG said
I'm a little concerned about the compound. Would have preferred something stiffer. Regardless, I want it. On all of my 2WDs. All of them.
rcpython59 said
"Their blend" is just a fiberglass infused nylon compound, so they will just change the ratio ,I think, but don't hold me tot his, the nylon flexes a lot but the fiberglass stiffens it and keeps it from snapping
I'm sure that its some sort of fiber mix. Pure nylon really isn't that hard and is easy to flex and gouge. I also doubt a company who specializes in plastic molding wouldn't know how to adjust a fiber and nylon blend. I think we should all see what they are like when they come out before jumping to the conclusion that the "plastic isn't stiff enough."
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slash boy - 12.06.12, 2:27 pm Post #24: | Reply With Quote
yes but.....

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Stampede Guy2.0's Avatar
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Stampede Guy2.0 - 12.06.12, 2:34 pm Post #25: | Reply With Quote
no, it will not, RPM is idestrucimables [/sarcasm]
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deltaboy84's Avatar
"Experienced user"
deltaboy84 - 12.06.12, 2:35 pm Post #26: | Reply With Quote
i don't see why it wouldn't work on your slash, even with the LCG conversion. this is the standard tranny for ALL of Traxxas 2wd electrics...
with the LCG conversion you dont use the front 3mm screws on the transmission. from the looks of it the rear 3mm screw only goes into the A-arm adaptor and not into the transmission itself.

yes, you could counter sink the a-arm adaptor in the front and use a shorter 3mm screw to secure the adaptor to the transmission. but it would create a weak point.

i think im going to try it on my hemi slash though. The green one would look really good on it!!
deltaboy84's Avatar
"Experienced user"
deltaboy84 - 12.06.12, 2:39 pm Post #27: | Reply With Quote
they come out 1-7-13
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theJANG - 12.06.12, 3:09 pm Post #28: | Reply With Quote
The fact that they said "our blend" just suggested to me that it's the same trademark blend they use for almost all of their performance parts that curiously have the exact same appearance as the ones pictured here. BTW "nylon" isn't a single thing. It's a family of things. Notice their quote "our blend of bulletproof nylons." They use nylons of different melting points & fiber chain lengths (and specific chemistry) to create their exceedingly impact-resistant material.

I still wish they had used something stiffer than their standard blend. Doesn't mean that it's not stiff enough, especially with the keyed aluminum plate. I just wish they had used something stiffer. Doesn't mean I don't already have 3 sets on preorder. Just wish they had used something stiffer.
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TheBlueKnight's Avatar
"Experienced user"
TheBlueKnight - 12.06.12, 3:24 pm Post #29: | Reply With Quote
Flex isn't going to be a problem with stripping gears. If you really sit back a minute and look at the part of their trans case that holds the gears, coupled with being mounted to the motor plate and the truck itself I don't see it being a problem.
traxxasrockhead's Avatar
"Brushless or bust"
traxxasrockhead - 12.06.12, 4:28 pm Post #30: | Reply With Quote
look good and i trust that rpm did their homework on this one
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