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noel956's Avatar
"Tunnel Snakes Rule!"
noel956 - 12.08.12, 6:11 pm Post #41: | Reply With Quote
just pre-ordered mine from the LHS. should be here by Jan 3 he thinks.
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Gabe2304's Avatar
"Experienced user"
Gabe2304 - 12.10.12, 12:58 pm Post #42: | Reply With Quote
Drewderzslash said
ONE thing is, if RPM is Really smart, they'll have made this case and hinge pins cross compatible with the traxxas hinge pins, which are available in 1 deg. toe in!!

EDIT: these


heck, maybe even these too!!!


problem with those is that you'll need the anti squat shims that go with those ^
I have no idea what anti-squat shims are, but the aluminum ones look awesome. If the RPM mounts are a common weak point then I'll definitely get the Traxxas ones!
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dhr's Avatar
"Experienced user"
dhr - 12.10.12, 1:43 pm Post #43: | Reply With Quote
I just noticed RPM has posted a new transmission case for the 2wd Slash, 2wd Stampede, e-Rustler & Bandit.

It looks really solid, as with any RPM part. I already want one.

2genewb's Avatar
"Impervious to Perfection"
2genewb - 12.10.12, 5:22 pm Post #44: | Reply With Quote

it will be mine. oh yes, it will be mine.

EDIT: curious if this would work with the FLM trannys 1 arm mounts.
(Last edited by 2genewb : 12.10.12 at 5:26 pm)
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sammichmanjr's Avatar
"California Burrito"
sammichmanjr - 12.10.12, 5:29 pm Post #45: | Reply With Quote

I sense a JANG merge.
dglewis89 said
You're weird. We'd be good friends.
theJANG said
I sense significant misinformation very close to my post.
theJANG said
everybody said I was a stupid idiot who needed to shut the hell up & go away. Nice.
Upbasher's Avatar
"Experienced user"
Upbasher - 12.10.12, 8:20 pm Post #46: | Reply With Quote
Looks like an awesome product, just like all rpm stuff.
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tachikoma1373's Avatar
"Experienced user"
tachikoma1373 - 12.11.12, 8:47 am Post #47: | Reply With Quote
noel956 said
just pre-ordered mine from the LHS. should be here by Jan 3 he thinks.
Acording to RPM its not out until the 7th. Hope you do get it early though. Gonna be later in Jan for me here in the UK, I'll be pre-ordering soon as possible.
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Raptorpede's Avatar
"Experienced user"
Raptorpede - 12.15.12, 8:35 am Post #48: | Reply With Quote
I may have to consider one for my little one
Fiero_Man_121's Avatar
"Experienced user"
Fiero_Man_121 - 12.15.12, 10:19 am Post #49: | Reply With Quote
rcboca [lhs] got a few of these in and i went down there to have a looksy today. seems a bit more rigid from what i could tell through the packaging. overall it was very nice. cant wait to hear some of yalls experiences
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guitardrumr123's Avatar
guitardrumr123 - 12.15.12, 11:17 am Post #50: | Reply With Quote
So these are already appearing in the wild, eh? May have to make the trip to one of the local shops to see if they've got any.
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