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Dknuckles's Avatar
"The One We Shall Not Speak Of!"
Dknuckles - 12.11.12, 9:55 am Post #21: | Reply With Quote
I have to say that this looks sick as can be. I'd be very interested depending on pricing.
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Strohdog's Avatar
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Strohdog - 12.11.12, 10:41 am Post #22: | Reply With Quote
Ive been waiting too, this looks awesome . I'm afraid it will be out of my price range, but maybe some tower gold member coupons and easy Pay, just maybe.
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St3alth_Frenzy's Avatar
"Snow&Ice Make Everything Nice"
St3alth_Frenzy - 12.11.12, 10:48 am Post #23: | Reply With Quote
can you upload the pics as they dont show up
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thefoodman52's Avatar
"Food for thought!"
thefoodman52 - 12.11.12, 11:12 am Post #24: | Reply With Quote
That's.... a bit big of a motor!

Doubt you'd be able to fit this in anything BUT a monster-truck frame. No doubt it's progress though, at least to the consumer market. I'm sure there's people out there that've made their own gas powered 1/8th scale, or even 1/10 scale's already.
Voxmagna's Avatar
"We bring the Noise"
Voxmagna - 12.11.12, 11:23 am Post #25: | Reply With Quote
Tittzo said
Did anyone else notice the tiny little print that says prototype shown? Wonder how different the production truck will be?
How big do you think it will be? Current XL size?
The Engine is all i want
ultima_db's Avatar
"eh.. yeah.."
ultima_db - 12.11.12, 11:34 am Post #26: | Reply With Quote
Voxmagna said
The Engine is all i want
I want it too
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rlhalo3's Avatar
rlhalo3 - 12.11.12, 12:10 pm Post #27: | Reply With Quote
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theJANG - 12.11.12, 12:16 pm Post #28: | Reply With Quote
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Do not post new threads in News without following the guidelines in that thread.

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dmudsswaggie - 12.11.12, 12:27 pm Post #29: | Reply With Quote
i want this! this is more awsome than the savage hp flux!
indy34096's Avatar
"Do you even race?"
indy34096 - 12.11.12, 12:31 pm Post #30: | Reply With Quote
15cc 4 stroke sounds a bit low on power if you ask me.

What's the redline on this engine?
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