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ericmaxman - 12.14.12, 4:20 am Post #1: | Reply With Quote

This is the big one! The one the 1/5th Baja boys have been waiting for!
On 8s this ESC is capable of supplying enough current to product in excess of 5800W - That's OVER 7.5 HP!!

Our New 200 amp Trackstar sensorless ESC for 1/5th scale cars and gas to electric conversions, it features a full alloy housing with two external fans to ensure it keeps its cool, even if pushed a little too hard the inbuilt thermal protection is in place to protect your investment. Then there's the huge 8 Awg battery & motor leads supplying the juice, this esc has been built with one thing in mind - RAW BRUSHLESS POWER!

Our Trackstar 1/5th ESC is an 'Opto' type; meaning that there is no inbuilt BEC, you will need to use an external Ubec to power your RX and steering servo.

This ESC is programmable via the Trackstar Programming card.

car size: 1/5th scale
Working current: 200 Amps
Burst current: 1000 Amps
Cell count: 2-8s Lipo
Motor Type: Sensorless Brushless
On/off switch: Yes
Operation: Fwd/brake/rev - Fwd/brake only (Programmable)
Thermal overload protection: Yes
Battery cable: 8 AWG size (8mm bullet connectors)
Motor cable: 8 AWG size (8mm female bullets)
Dimensions: 120mm x 53.5mm x45mm
Weight: 346g

Programming options: (Via Optional programming card)
Brake/Reverse type
Brake amount
Reverse amount
Punch Control
Drag Brake
Throttle Dead Band
Voltage Cut off
Motor Timing


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"New user"
ericmaxman - 12.14.12, 4:22 am Post #2: | Reply With Quote
Is it me, or this ESC reminds me of the older Pentium III ?

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STEEL-CITY-CRWL - 12.14.12, 6:10 am Post #3: | Reply With Quote
well, i the exclusion of an onboard BEC was probabally a good thing, since most ESC's don't offer up enough power to operate a decent large servo for a baja
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"Not the bees!"
candre23 - 12.14.12, 6:14 am Post #4: | Reply With Quote
There is nothing even close to this in price for 1/5 chassis. Very, very cool. Maybe this ESC will make an appearance in a brushless version of this sometime soon?
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FireFrenzy - 12.14.12, 6:30 am Post #5: | Reply With Quote
i like that double fan look... `Looks properly beefy!
Stampede Guy2.0's Avatar
"trades in lambo..."
Stampede Guy2.0 - 12.14.12, 7:14 am Post #6: | Reply With Quote
ericmaxman said
Is it me, or this ESC reminds me of the older Pentium III ?

lol, my second family desktop had one of those. it almost looks like it could fit in a RAM slot.
well, i the exclusion of an onboard BEC was probabally a good thing, since most ESC's don't offer up enough power to operate a decent large servo for a baja
I would still remove the middle wire from the plug for a bit of added safety( if I were to get a beast large enough for it)
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borisdamole's Avatar
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borisdamole - 12.14.12, 7:35 am Post #7: | Reply With Quote
I had this esc in beta form... It fried on my first use... I have pics of it if you dont believe me... lol

It felt REALLY nice, but it smoked the first time I plugged it in, and I know others had the same issues....

I hope its all worked out by now....

I was going to run it in my savage TCS 5b... Now im running a Mamba XL2....
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User Unrelated - 12.14.12, 7:58 am Post #8: | Reply With Quote
I can see this popping up in a few 1/8 MT projects too. The fact that it's 8S capable might be a selling point all on it's own.
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Pyro's Avatar
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Pyro - 12.14.12, 12:12 pm Post #9: | Reply With Quote
Pretty sure it's a rebranded skyrc: http://www.skyrc.com/index.php?route...product_id=161

Kershaw Designs carries them as well, but is currently out of stock.
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iHasRc's Avatar
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iHasRc - 12.14.12, 12:28 pm Post #10: | Reply With Quote
I think there must be a main factory in China and they just sell unbranded items to Toro, Hobbyking, etc etc and they just stamp their name on them.
It seems like you can always find at least 3 of the exact same Chinese RC items with different names on them...
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