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xfilter - 1.06.13, 5:50 pm Post #21: | Reply With Quote
Dr. Isotope said
Interesting way of addressing the STRC-LCG-no-likey-detachable-toe-blocks issue... but... I see something of a problem. By nesting the front screws for the gearbox under the lowest STRC plate (instead of countersinking the STRC plate itself,) you basically have to disassemble the entire rear end-- including all of the bolts for the STRC kit-- just to change a toe block or remove the gearbox for servicing.

You might want to add those two holes to the STRC plate before final assembly.
Kind of funny that you said that.. Its been bugging me since I did it actually. The reason behind doing it that way is I didn't want to take the chance of screwing up the nicely anodized plate. That being said I might go ahead and take it to work with me tomorrow and do it anyways. No reason to do it half way! Thanks for the comment. Pushed me to do it the right way
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xfilter - 1.06.13, 5:59 pm Post #22: | Reply With Quote
I didn't get to much done today. Went to the local track for a club race.

I did come home and to do a bit of work, and planning for tomorrow though. First thing I did was pull the gear box back off to assemble the box.

As you can see I did take the advise of SlashDaddy, and picked up 4x4 slipper parts.

And i'm going to take this to work with me tomorrow, and get rid of everything marked in red.

I'm planning on making a much bigger brace than what comes with the lcg kit. Almost on the lines of a rear top deck I think. As I know i'm going to weaken the already weak point of this lcg kit. So don't yell at me

Again thanks for all the suggestions and words of encouragement.
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SlashDaddy - 1.06.13, 6:33 pm Post #23: | Reply With Quote
Sweet the build is looking great!! someone listened to me HAHAHA!!! so much more meat on the 4x4 slipper. You can't go wrong the vented also adds COOL FACTOR!! lol
2wd Slash: Proline Protrak, Proline power strokes, Proline steerin, EZrun 8.5 turn, Spectrum S6070 Servo, STRC caster blocks,
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B2Bad - 1.06.13, 6:45 pm Post #24: | Reply With Quote
great build I subscribed.
Traxxas Slash 2wd and traxxas stampede are currently the only two I have.
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radugns - 1.06.13, 11:52 pm Post #25: | Reply With Quote
Nice truck, buy IMO I would go also with FLM transmission.
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slashmanblue - 1.07.13, 12:19 am Post #26: | Reply With Quote
Yep I'm in
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xfilter - 1.07.13, 7:59 am Post #27: | Reply With Quote
radugns said
Nice truck, buy IMO I would go also with FLM transmission.
It seems they do make nice stuff, and it might work better than the rpm box. But that's just to much bling for my taste.
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xfilter - 1.07.13, 12:49 pm Post #28: | Reply With Quote
Well I started to machine/cut down my chassis. This is all mostly still very rough. The molded chassis isn't true enough to really finish machine stuff on it. So I'm going to rough it away and finish later with a dremel and sanding sticks(mainly used for static models).

Here I started to cut down the sides of the chassis.

Here I am taking the meds the doc prescribed!

Not exactly sure why these are showing up as links instead of just the pictures now....
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GUTSLAYER - 1.07.13, 1:06 pm Post #29: | Reply With Quote
use the link for message boards and forums, not direct link and you'll be good

car looks goo man, just hope its strong enough with all the cut outs! D:
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xfilter - 1.07.13, 1:26 pm Post #30: | Reply With Quote
Yeah that's what I did. That's why I'm confused as to why its doing it.
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