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morvlorv - 1.04.13, 10:14 pm Post #1: | Reply With Quote
I know these vehicles have a write up in the Industry news section, but now that they are out, I was hoping we could get a dedicated thread for this thing.


1. ?All terrain treaded tires and off-road style wheels
2. Slipper pad with adjustable gear cover
3. Aluminum threaded, oil-filled, coil-over, 6061-T6 adjustable shocks
4. 2.5mm 6061-T6 aluminum shock towers
5. Front and rear metal geared differentials
6. Brushless Tacon ESC
7. 2838 4500KV brushless motor
8. 4WD shaft drivetrain
9. Adjustable mini servo with saver
10. Steel hinge-pins with rounded front bumper
11. Tacon receiver with 2.4GHz technology
12. 7.2V 1100mAh NiMH battery with 3.5mm gilded round connectors
13. 2.5mm anodized aluminum rear and front kick-up chassis with dirt guards
14. 12mm wheel hexes

Scale: 1/14 Tacon Thriller Short Course Truck
Length: 360mm (14.17in)
Width: 210mm (8.26in)
Height: 135mm (5.3in)
Wheelbase: 225mm (8.86in)
Weight: 1.08kg (battery included) (2.2lbs)
Tire Type: All terrain tires
Chassis: 2.0mm anodized aluminum
Motor or Engine: 4500KV 2838 brushless motor
Gear ratio: 8.23
Speed Control: Brushless Programmable
Radio: 2.4GHz Technology
Batteries: 7.2V NiMH with 3.5mm gilded round connector, Charger included
Shock Type: Aluminum-threaded, oil-filled, coil-over, 6061-T6 ajustable
Ball Bearings: Complete

I already love this vehicle. So much fun to drive.
I can easily hang with and beat a lot of 1/10th scale at the local track with this, stock out of the box, 1800 2s lipo.

Very well built.

We need many more people here in the states to buy these and make this class popular, it rips!

I have about 15 packs through it and not a problem in sight.

My only complaint is the batter tray.
While the velcro is sweet, my lipos do not fit laying down, and I have to really secure them on their side and make sure it is really secure.
I have actually had my lipo get tossed out of the car a couple times.
I think I will just take out the battery holders and use some velcro on the chassis and on my batteries.

Any others of you that have this thing, lets get a conversation going.

I have actually been in contact with LC racing and they have already sent spare parts to NitroRCX, so they should be avail soon.
I have also contacted T-Bone and they will have bumpers for this soon.

any setup tips? oil weights?
any upgrades?
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Xtyling - 1.06.13, 5:08 am Post #2: | Reply With Quote
I'm just waiting for them to stock up on different body colors. I plan to buy one for me and one for my son. I really like the layout of this kit. I think it's solid layout.

If anyone can share their opinion on what would be the best replacement steering servo (brand/model#/dimensions) I would appreciate that. I plan on buying the kits with a bunch of spare and hop ups because I live in the Philippines and don't have any local hobby store supporting this brand yet.
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GypsyRC - 1.06.13, 11:35 pm Post #3: | Reply With Quote
I was on just browsing the nitro rcx websitelast night just me being bored outta my mind and happened to click on the 1/14th scale button and seen this kit, didn't think nothing of it and went on browsing the site just looking at other stuff just wasting time till I got tired then I found my self looking at this truck again and said to my self "me... Your always looking at the losi mini 8 - and this looks better for the price ".... My 2 sons have the losi micro SCT's and some times when it rains out we like to RC.. In the house and I have a 1/8th scle buggy so I can't have fun with them on rainy days until I saw this kit ...

I am going to try to get one soon because for the price you can't go wrong I look forward to be driving this truck!
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txhookey - 1.07.13, 6:26 am Post #4: | Reply With Quote
This will likely be my next RC. Not a huge fan of NitroRCX, would like to see other vendors pick it up and a stock of parts from several different people.

If you're in contact with LC Racing, encourage them to sign on more vendors. It will increase sales, parts availability, and likely lower the price.

NitroRCX has had the exclusive on this for a while and have done nothing with it. Still no parts listed. There would be more Exceed products in the market if they were sold by more retailers. Hopefully Exceed and LC Racing will open up their distribution channels.
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morvlorv - 1.07.13, 9:42 am Post #5: | Reply With Quote
Im with you there hookey. Not a huge fan of Nitro, but there are worse retailers out there. They just need to step up their customer service game. If they had killer customer service, they could make bank. But yeah, it would be awesome if they were able to widen their channels, but it doesnt sound like that will happen. Contracts are contracts.
But it does sound like they are open to getting parts more readily available perhaps. It would be awesome if other webstores would consider carrying these parts if LC would make them available.

Gypsy, even though they are not that big, its still not drive-able inside, at least not my house. Its way to quick. Maybe you have a massive house though.
It can compete with the mini 8 for sure.
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SlckTrck - 1.07.13, 10:41 am Post #6: | Reply With Quote
Just signed up on URC just to talk about this truck. Got mine last Friday. It's a great RC with the standard battery but throw in a 2s lipo and this truck is crazy. Also durable. Ran off a 3 foot bank into a field and proceeded to do about 15 cart wheels. Flip her over and off she goes.
I'll hit a few points below for all those waiting on their box or who are considering.
I am only talking about the SCT version. While the buggy is very similar, there are some differences on the chassis mounting holes and few other things.

Battery Mod:
The battery tray is a bit small for lipos, luckily you can easily remove the brackets and velcro strap. This gives you a lot more room for juice. Just lay down some velcro and use that to secure your batts.
I modded a couple sky lipo high current hard case batteries to fit.
These were the hard case 7.4v 2000mah lipos with 20c constant and 40c burst. I took them out of their hard cases and wrapped them, cut off the heads and soldered on traxxas connectors. I can run each battery seperateley or I can use a Y-connector and get 4000mah capacity.
Not tried 3s even though the ESC can handle it. no need. 2s is way fast and powerful.

Wheels and Tires:
The stock tires are soft and not all that great. Decent traction. I switched out to a set of kin-pin Losi min- 8ight rears on all 4 corners and it runs great. Still looking for some alternate wheel/tire combos. ***Please post some if you know for sure they fit.

Body posts:
You do have some adjustment. I had to correct mine when i took it out of the box. one side was a little lower. no big deal. Since you can adjust the body height, you can get away with a slightly taller tire.

Slipper Clutch:
Mine came out of the box with the slipper as tight as it could be. I backed it off a turn and it seemed to hook up a little better. Be sure to check yours before bashing. Several you tube vids on adjusting 4x4 slipper clutch.

Manual and docs:
If you are a big reader, you are going to be disappointed. You get a manual for the ESC, a page on the TX/RX, a "how to bind" sheet and a big ol folded up sheet for the truck. This is a parts diagram and listing mainly. One good thing is that most of the parts listed have specs listed as well. Might make finding misc hardware easier.
***If you go to LC Racing's website, they have a parts listing PDF for all vehicles. This gives you an idea of which parts they share and which are different. NitroRCX should have parts in by spring.

I am no ultra RC guy. Was into it when i was much younger but had been away for many years. Picked up a little Mini Recon before Christmas and got hooked again. This 1/14 SCT Tacon Thriller is a good starter, modder vehicle.

***Not an indoor vehicle, unless you have a really big house with open spaces. Truck is just to fast on lipos for indoors.
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"Don't know much about rockets"
GypsyRC - 1.07.13, 2:07 pm Post #7: | Reply With Quote
@ morvlorv I have a fairly large layout in my house I use to drive my 70mph rustler in the house by no means at 70mph lol just use to putt around chasing thier micro SCT's and running them over lol it was fun until by a mistake I squeezed the trigger right in a wall I went ... Well I shall say right through and through the wall I went lol so

This will be small enough not to do damage lol the rustler was just way to heavy lol

I also have an empty large room that's about 60x44 it's huge I have carpet in there and I have a lot of PVC pipe laying around ill make a little carpet track in there

But for the most part ill just putt around with it in the house just to keep up with the micro SCT's
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txhookey - 1.08.13, 5:21 pm Post #8: | Reply With Quote
What are the dimensions on the tires and wheels?

I sent an email to LC Racing encouraging them to open up their distribution chain. I really hope they did not sign an exclusive with Nitro, hopefully they are just ramping up manufacturing and will sign more as production inceases. Also encouraged them to include a clear buggy body as an overtray or have an option for one. Hopefully the shorter buggy chassis doesn't mess that up. I have one for my 1/8th scale and it spoiled me.

I will likely use my 1/16th scale Losi MSCT body with slightly oversized tires (geared down). I like the look of the monster truck style with SCT tires, also the way they drive. Would be nice to have one in a more travel size package. The dimensions seem to be in the range that it will work.

I originally got a MSCT as an offroad travel truck, but the small size and 2wd really limits what it can do.
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RCWiily - 1.09.13, 6:54 pm Post #9: | Reply With Quote
Nitrorcx is the exclusive US distributor.
You can't understand cuz you're listening too slow.
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SlckTrck - 1.13.13, 5:29 pm Post #10: | Reply With Quote


Love this truck.
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