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tachikoma1373 - 1.07.13, 12:00 am Post #11: | Reply With Quote
I would suggest that unless you are after extreme performance a motor in the 3000 to 4000 KV range.

According to my recent survey the ESC of choice is the Castle Mamba Max Pro but the HOBBYWING EZRUN WP SC8 Waterproof 120A Brushless ESC is also recommended by many and cheaper.

Motor wise the motor of choice is the Castle Creations Neu-Castle 1410 1y 3800 kv motor with the Traxxas Velineon 3500 Motor being second. The Tacon motors are cheap and well recommended as well.

The 3800 KV version of the combo below includes programming card and represents good value in my opinion - it is 4 Pole as well offering good torque.


I'm sure other more experience people will be able to chip in but there are lots of threads on this subject and almost endless choices so its never a simple topic.
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2genewb - 1.07.13, 3:20 pm Post #12: | Reply With Quote
for a castle 1406 in a slash, the lowest kv option would be best suited IMHO.

1410 would be a better choice, but the sc-401 v2 should out perform even it.

mmp is a great esc with tons of available power - until you try to power a high power servo off of it. unless you're planning on running on the edge of insanity with 5s or 6s power or running a sensored motor, the WP- SC8 or tenshock/toro equivalent ESCs should keep right up with it and allow the use of a decent servo at a much lower price point.

program card will be a serious plus to have with any of the esc's. many consider them necessities since push button programming consisting of flashes and beeps really is a downer to an otherwise good day.

the velineon is okay, i guess. has a handful of shortcomings and not ideal for a heavy SCT, IMO, but will get the job done if you're looking for an uber simple something to just putz around with. personally, i'd pay someone to solder if i had to to get something a bit better.
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