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T&K R/C RaceWay's Avatar
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T&K R/C RaceWay - 1.06.13, 9:29 pm Post #11: | Reply With Quote
This looks like its goin to be a very interesting review.
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3DSteve - 1.06.13, 9:31 pm Post #12: | Reply With Quote
It probably would be pretty easy, if they thought of it. The assembly process likely has a person gathering up all the necessary parts and hardware according to a list, then preparing the builder's table in a certain order or the assembly process to go smoothly.

An example of this in the construction world is the 'detail', which is a simplified drawing telling the builder how each of the rubble retaining walls with catch fence should look, for example. We seldom start from scratch with a detail; we often find one from a previous project and modify things like the depth of the gravel base, the distance between objects, any components that might be different, etc. unless there is a major change required, we much do little more than change the lettering on the detail.

I could see somebody sitting down with the process sheet for the older truck and just replacing the name of the Slash-specific part on that line. Arms are the same, transmission is the same, front end is the same, they wouldn't have changed those. They probably didn't look twice at the hardware; if the screw was the same size, it must have been the same, and if it was different, just change the dimension on the old sheet. They probably never noticed the new screws of the same size had different part numbers.
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gan716 - 1.06.13, 9:50 pm Post #13: | Reply With Quote
Runs great for me! I'm sold! Broke ours in Sat. morning, then ran it quite a it today! Like to get another one! Hopefully, Traxxas or someone will release the actual nitro bodies separately? Ours blew over a few times on fifth tank, full speed break in! Need another Speed body soon!
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justpoet - 1.06.13, 10:27 pm Post #14: | Reply With Quote
@Jang (or other owners of the nitro slash):
Can the chassis and top plate be used to turn the normal slash 2wd into lcg with non-modified traxxas parts, or must the top plate mount to the engine or mid transmission? I couldn't quite see all how it was mounted for the full length on each side, just that at the front/mid it appears to have posts between the top plate/chassis around the fuel tank and servo.

Bonus question: how wide is the fuel tank area as compared to a normal hardcase LiPo?
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Teacher Brent - 1.06.13, 10:31 pm Post #15: | Reply With Quote
A lot of work is contracted out. The boss's wife at my old lhs used to drink tea and build t-maxx shocks while she watched Chinese soap operas.
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"Northern New Jersey"
Bunzo - 1.06.13, 11:18 pm Post #16: | Reply With Quote
Teacher Brent said
A lot of work is contracted out. The boss's wife at my old lhs used to drink tea and build t-maxx shocks while she watched Chinese soap operas.
I don't know how it used to be but these days traxxas rc's are built overseas. It's definitely done in an assembly line. Each worker has a specific job , like installing electronics, or screwing the shock towers and body mounts on.
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Teacher Brent - 1.07.13, 1:59 am Post #17: | Reply With Quote
I live in Taiwan. Seen some great stuff but I have a rough time with the language gap
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BillDeLong - 1.07.13, 5:18 am Post #18: | Reply With Quote
BUT... JANG hates nitro, he will never own or run a nitro ever again </joking>

Looking forward to seeing the conversion to a Nitro Rustler!

How easy would it be to use the mid motor mount of the gear box to convert to electric?

I only ask because there are many LCG Slash conversions out there and maybe this might help finish those conversions properly assuming it's a 4 gear trans?
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ntp - 1.07.13, 5:51 am Post #19: | Reply With Quote
'erm, the purpose of a Nitro Slash?

Is it that it's size and form factor meet some requirement somewhere for racing or whatever?

I dig the Slash. I dig the Nitro. Not sure if I think the world 'needs' a Nitro Slash.

I'm gonna go with "It's a Platform thing ntp. They needed to do something new with the Slash lineup.'

Nice vid as always Jang.
Looking forward to the performance stuff.

**Hi everyone.
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tachikoma1373 - 1.07.13, 5:59 am Post #20: | Reply With Quote
I would of thought the process of electric conversion would be almost identical to that of the nitro rustler - there's a thread with a couple of pics on the Traxxas forums here

Lots of threads where people have fastened the electric transmission to the rustler chassis but not so many like the above where just a motor mount has been added.
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