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MetalMilitia90's Avatar
"Part Pusher, ECX Fanboy"
MetalMilitia90 - 5.15.13, 10:40 am Post #1: | Reply With Quote
First of all, thank you Jang for your reviews and information. They were very helpful in my deciding process on my first hobby-grade vehicle.

I got the Torment V2 for $190 and couldn't be happier with it, although now I can find it for about $160, less than a week after I got mine. It'll take a beating and the new 15t dynamite brushed motor and tazer esc are a lot quicker than I expected for an out of the box brushed setup. I don't have anything to check speed but I would guess it's doing around 20-25mph on pavement. The ECX 2.4ghz transmitter is pretty nice and I believe it's still a spektrum system because I saw it on their website. Overall, it's just.. nice, to quote Jang haha.
kingkong559's Avatar
"For her pleasure user"
kingkong559 - 5.15.13, 10:39 pm Post #2: | Reply With Quote
Welcome aboard... yup they are fun and it will only get more fun
Automotive/Motorcycle enthusiast
Gone fishing on the weekend. Don't bother me.

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MetalMilitia90's Avatar
"Part Pusher, ECX Fanboy"
MetalMilitia90 - 5.16.13, 9:27 am Post #3: | Reply With Quote
Thank ya, sir! I just got the Castle sidewinder SCT 3800kv combo in the mail yesterday and today my metal tranny gears came in. Tomorrow I should be receiving my Gens Ace 5000mah 2s 40c lipo and Thunder AC6 charger and saturday I should get my polymax 4mm bullet connectors as well as a stock replacement spur gear, the Associated 56t (32p) spur with the Associated slipper pads and a Robinson 15t (32p) pinion. From what I read 15/56 in 32p is a decent setup for the 3800 motor. Might have to upgrade to them metal driveshafts in the near future though lol
MetalMilitia90's Avatar
"Part Pusher, ECX Fanboy"
MetalMilitia90 - 5.16.13, 11:39 pm Post #4: | Reply With Quote
new question: castle sidewinder sct 3800kv combo: what 32p gearing would yield around 45+mph in the torment and how fast do you reckon the 15/56 setup I have on the way will go?
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