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theJANG - 10.10.02, 11:43 am Post #1: |
All registered users of this system are required to thoroughly read and agree to abide by the rules stated here. I just want this place to be friendly, clean, & fun for everyone.


  1. Be nice & have fun.
    • No "greater than thou" or otherwise bad attitudes, name-calling, personal attacks, racism, or general intolerance to others' opinions. Avoid the urge to chew people out. We're just a bunch of folks chatting about little model cars, so we don't need to take things too personally or seriously. Have a bad experience with another forum? Leave it at the door -- don't bring drama with you.
  2. Keep it clean.
    • No cursing (not even abbreviated or masked), sexually suggestive images, or posts supporting alcohol or drug use or any illegal activities (including copyright infringement and directly cloned products). Keep it PG-13 at the worst. Avoid talking politics or religion, as those topics always get heated. Also, be respectful of the other folks using the site, and don't ruin anybody else's topics & general good times.
  3. Don't try to exploit us.
    • Do not use my site to try to get new visitors to yours (a.k.a. spamming). No links with referral codes or to pages that require registration/login to view. One account per person. Company representatives and their proxies may not directly promote products or services through forum posts. If you'd like to advertise on URC, please check out Google Adwords.
  4. You must be at least 13 years of age to sign up (it's federal COPPA law, kids).
  5. You can only buy & sell things in the RC Flea Market forums, following all of the rules in the impossible-to-miss, huge bright red box atop every page therein.
Moderators & I reserve the right to edit, move, or delete any message or remove any flagrant trouble-maker in the interest of keeping the forums friendly and positive.


Basic Forum Etiquette
  • Post new topics in the appropriate forum (there are lots of 'em), and don't derail an existing topic with a completely unrelated question.
  • If you post something & then quickly decide to change it or add something to it, just use the Edit button -- don't start a whole new post.
  • Don't take discussions that would be useful to everyone and make them private via PMs or email. The whole point of a forum is to share info that everyone can benefit from.
  • Out of courtesy to other folks with smaller computer screens, please keep posted images 1024 pixels wide or less. If your pictures are larger than this, just post links to 'em.
  • Don't type "wat" for what, "kant" for can't, "im" for I'm. It's not cool. Seriously. This isn't text messaging. Forum posts stick around for many years and can be read by thousands of folks around the world. Use real words.
  • Don't post just to boost your post count. Counts & titles mean very little. Useful, contributing members mean a lot!
  • Avoid the urge to rant about bad experiences with other sites. Leave drama at the door and just enjoy your stay!
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Closed Thread
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