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DallPall69 - 10.09.13, 11:48 pm Post #1: | Reply With Quote
Hey everybody! Id like to thank anyone that helps in advance for any info they have this topic.

Now, I'm looking to build (buy a kit or roller) that I can put a tenshock sc411 or something similar into it and run it on 2-3s

I've already thought of getting a 1/10th scale sct and converting it to a buggy, but I think just buying the most lightweight 1/8th scale buggy will be a more cost friendly and better quality option. (If you guys think otherwise please let me know with a valid reason)

So to start out I'd like to find out which buggy is the lightest. Please let me know of any light weight buggies, ill be looking for myself but I will definitely miss quite a few of them. I would like for it to have an aluminum chassis but it is definitely not a high priority for me.

If anyone would like to throw in any ideas relating to this topic or past experiences with making a SL buggy please feel free to post below.

Again thanks for anyone with helpful info or good questions that I haven't even thought about yet.
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draco321 - 10.10.13, 4:23 am Post #2: | Reply With Quote
I havent weighed any buggies other than the losi 8 2.0 which is 8 - 8 1/2 lbs. Most of the 1/8 scale buggies weigh around that much. Another thing you might want to look into is getting either another 2s pack to run in series because a 2s pack on a 8 lbs buggies is gonna be slow. Too answer your question associated, mugen, X-ray, and from what ive heard team durango has a pretty nice buggy What Kv is the motor if its for a sc truck it might be underpowered in a buggy. Most 1/10 scale sc trucks weigh between 5 to 6 lbs. Just some thoughts hope you find what you're looking for.
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Kingy - 10.10.13, 5:16 am Post #3: | Reply With Quote
this thread may help you with a bit of inspiration
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Heeelmooi - 10.10.13, 5:44 am Post #4: | Reply With Quote
I know you said you didn't want to, put tekno has a conversion for one of their SCTs for just this purpose (running on 2 / 3s lipo). This is probably the route I'd go. Sell of the SCT parts to bring the cost down.

Other than you have the Iron track buggy from Nitrorcx which runs on 3s and is really light.. of course that isn't really a brand rc.
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Gulfcoaster - 10.10.13, 8:57 am Post #5: | Reply With Quote
The tekno eb48 was designed with 10th scale electronics in mind and is one of the lightest e buggies on the market.
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jdiwatts - 10.10.13, 10:33 am Post #6: | Reply With Quote
My E converted D8 weighed in at 8.6 lbs with a 4s 5000mah lipo and vorza body. Downsizing the motor and lipo might bring it under 8lbs.... but not by much. I have played with smaller motors a bit, but my esc at the time needed a BEC to run anything less than 4S.

Compared to my slash 4x4, the extra weight goes into the contol arms, diffs hubs and uprights. Its probably in the 6.5lb_7lb range with a strc chasis, tenshock motor, vorza/d8 and 2s 5ah lipo. I'll get a weight on it tomorrow... if I remember to bring it to work with me.
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piano - 10.10.13, 10:44 am Post #7: | Reply With Quote
808 or EB48 are two very light weight true 1/8 buggy stock.... Both easily right at 3kg, and that would fix the problem for the 808. (Rear right side heavy)

You can do a Losi 810e, will be very light, good to run 411.

Also, you can look at something like red cat 1/8 buggy or a backslash etc.. Quite light too.
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perry - 10.10.13, 10:44 am Post #8: | Reply With Quote
or you could buy an ecx boost buggy and put the circuit chassis extension on it.

voila! 1/8th scale wheelbase at 1/10th scale weight.
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piano - 10.10.13, 10:49 am Post #9: | Reply With Quote
The Koyosho whatever 1/10 buggy is almost the size of a 1/8.

Or just get a buggy body and wing ona SCT.
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DallPall69 - 10.10.13, 10:57 am Post #10: | Reply With Quote
@draco I plan for my final product to weigh just over 6lbs. The motor will be a 3400 if they have it in that kv otherwise it will be a 4000kv. And with my intended weight a 5000mah 50-100c 2s pack should do the trick. Thanks for bringing up some good points.

@kingy Thanks for finding that thread. The 810 came up in my searches last night but wasn't sure how much lighter it actually was. It looks pretty much exactly like a scte, which was one of my cheaper conversion options. This will most likely be the route I will go if I can find a 810 roller/slider.

@heeelmooi the Tekno conversion is what originally inspired me to start a project like this. But the kit being $375 and the conversion being $120 starts me off with a very high price tag. And if I went that way I'd have to put a tekin pro4 hd and rx8 into it for my own reasons lol.

I wouldn't be interested in doing a nitrorcx buggy just because of part support.

@jdiwatts thanks for the weigh in on the D8. I don't think I'd even consider doing a slash 4x4 for a few reasons, one being I've owned a few already and want new to me experiences, another is that Ik how absolutely un-race oriented they are unless you buy every part aftermarket, ant lastly how much extra money I'd need to make it perform as good as most of my other options baseline.
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