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perry - 3.31.14, 10:12 am Post #51: | Reply With Quote
I've yet to see a 1/10 scale 4wd that is as durable as a 2wd.

too many moving parts (and forces) to engineer around, and keep durable.
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HVAC Guru - 3.31.14, 1:29 pm Post #52: | Reply With Quote
Direct hit's to immobile objects usually always lead to a breakage or fracture somewhere. The faster you go the more likely it'll happen, I was just trying to figure out why it transferred all the way down to the diff case.
Looking forward to some pics.
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Chief1979 - 3.31.14, 1:42 pm Post #53: | Reply With Quote
The brackets that sandwich the lower control arm pins bolt to the lower diff case. I grab pics tonight, and post them before I go to bed.
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BasherDude - 3.31.14, 5:21 pm Post #54: | Reply With Quote
Thus lies the problem with ECX vehicles. The plastic is really strong and flexible and doesn't break easily, so the impact transfers on down the line and eventually hits something that will break.
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Chief1979 - 4.01.14, 6:29 am Post #55: | Reply With Quote
Here are the pics fellas. I was able to tap the holes out to 4mm, and just drilled the plate out also. Used a little sleeve retainer on the bolts. I'm still running the old diff case. I wanted to see if it was salvageable, so we'll see. I also made some steering links for it. Much less play.

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Chief1979 - 4.01.14, 6:30 am Post #56: | Reply With Quote

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Chief1979 - 4.01.14, 6:32 am Post #57: | Reply With Quote

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HVAC Guru - 4.01.14, 7:03 am Post #58: | Reply With Quote
Nice repair, well done.
I don't think that type of breakage is ecx specific, I've had similar issues (screws stripping out of diff case) with a different basher brand.
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Chief1979 - 4.01.14, 8:26 am Post #59: | Reply With Quote
Thanks GURU! I won't put any blame on ECX about this. Driver error is what caused it. Like you said earlier, hitting an immobile object at speed is hard on parts, doesn't matter what make it is. We'll see how it holds up tomorrow, gonna go bashing down at the lake. Lots of trails with rocks and jumps.
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Chief1979 - 4.09.14, 7:35 am Post #60: | Reply With Quote
Ok, so the truck has been great. Everything has held together fine, but I'm always worried about hitting something with the front-end. So I decided to take it apart again, and improve the design. Here is what I came up with. I drilled through the hole, and put a nut on the other side. So now it sandwiches the plate to the diff. Put a new plate and new a-arm bushings on it. Much more stout.

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