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RC Flea Market forum rules -- MANDATORY:
(If you don't follow the rules below in full, YOUR POST WILL BE DELETED without warning)
  1. ALWAYS start your "for sale" post title (subject line) with "FS:" and start "wanted" listing titles with "Wanted:"
  2. You may only buy if you have been a member for 3+ months, sell after 6 months, no exceptions (learn why).
  3. Include clear, current photos of any item worth $50+ USD. No "email me for pics," no "pics later," no photos from the web, no exceptions.
  4. List only items that you personally own. Friends & family must use their own accounts. No commercial listings.
  5. Sellers, do not request PayPal "gifting" or any extra fee for PayPal payments. Wrap any desired fees into your item prices.
  6. You may "bump" a thread only if it falls off the first page of topics.
  7. If you aren't seriously interested in a purchase, don't reply to an ad unless you strongly suspect fraud.
  8. When your item sells, edit your thread's title to "Sold," but don't delete the original post.
Warning: Trading (item for item) is extremely risky and fraud-prone, and thus very strongly discouraged. Individuals in small towns can acquire a proof of shipment receipt from a "friendly" US Postal Service employee while an item is actually on hold at the postal station, thus trades can only be based on blind trust.
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mike597 - 5.22.04, 7:55 pm Post #1: | Reply With Quote
I have an MRC world scale buggy for sale, if you havent heard of these they were popular in the mid 90s and are as big as 1/8 and sometimes bigger. Some people called them 1/7th scale. This buggy is 2wd, has a 2 540 motor trans, and has a futaba reciever, servo, and I can include a speed control. I have a brand new duster and a used 610 RV. The motors are stock, I installed bearings throughout the vehicle. Any questions, feel free to PM or email me. Asking 150 w/ radio, but no esc, originally sold for around 200.
The buggy is in excellent shape, i bought it used but went through it very extensively and it runs great. I just came into an expensive time in life and have to sell some toys.

If you want it with an esc let me know and we can work a deal.



(Last edited by mike597 : 5.22.04 at 8:02 pm)
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