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funboy6942 - 7.14.07, 8:23 pm Post #11: | Reply With Quote
You know, the warhead 14mm hub nut inside diameter is the exact size as the kyosho, all you need to do is spend the $10 on the parts, and drill that size out to the end of the rest of the nut and be done with it.
Also the drive shafts for the warhead are the same size as well, so if you know anyone with a mig welder, can buy a set for the warhead, measure out what size you need for the mad force, and bam, some kick butt, super heavy duty dog bones for the front and rear axles. And if you did that, wouldnt have to drill out the hub nuts
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keno1110 - 8.15.07, 9:50 am Post #12: | Reply With Quote
does anybody no where i can find some ofna monster blazer wheels and some imex claw dawgs or does anyone have them and is selling them. i have seen them on the mad jedi project and want some


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Demon Knight - 10.13.07, 9:58 am Post #13: | Reply With Quote
I would just like to add to this thread from some experience I've had with my RTR mad force. I bought some LST2 Integy extended 23mm hex hubs and I've worked a few things out for us noobies:

1)The RTR mad force comes with 6mm axles (measured at the threaded point). The unthreaded point of this axle is 8mm.
2) 1/8 buggy output shaft/axles have no thread on them. They are a smooth shaft, measuring 8mm in diameter all the way. The hex system works by housing the pin in the wheel hex which has a threaded part for the wheel nut. This is one of the reasons you have to swap axles on the RTR mad force for use with 17mm items.
3)The drive pin (the pin inside each hex which drive the wheels) come in three sizes for all R/C as far as I know, 12mm, 17mm and the 23mm. The RTR mad force has the 12mm ones for 14mm hexes.
4) You can get various hex sizes (14,15,17,18,19,20,23) but they are designed to fit 8mm 1/8 buggy smooth shafts or 6mm threaded shafts with either a 12mm pin,17mm pin or 23mm pin.
5)Have a look at pics for what hex/extensions you get. An advertisement might say 17mm hex conversion but the hex works with 12mm pins. BEWARE OF MODELS WHICH HAVE CHANGED THEIR HEX/SHAFT SIZE AT SOME POINT,I.E. SAVAGE 21 & SAVAGE X4.6 OR LST & LST2 OR MAD FORCE KIT & MAD FORCE RTR.
6)Most extenders use a rubber ring to hold the drive pin in place. If they do not use the pin that comes with the kit they are designed for, they should include new pins in the pack.

There, I hope that helps everyone.
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Indrek_s - 10.23.07, 5:32 am Post #14: | Reply With Quote

I need to use 12mm hex with 2.2 rims on my TF.
problem is that shaft diameter is too big. 12mm hexes use 4 mm shaft i belive.
Is it possible for me tu use axle shafts from some other car?

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mdrcracing - 10.24.07, 4:50 am Post #15: | Reply With Quote
Indrek_s said

I need to use 12mm hex with 2.2 rims on my TF.
problem is that shaft diameter is too big. 12mm hexes use 4 mm shaft i belive.
Is it possible for me tu use axle shafts from some other car?

if you have the rtr model, why not get a 6mm drill and open the holes on the 12mm hexes
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Indrek_s - 10.26.07, 1:30 am Post #16: | Reply With Quote
as you know, hexes will sit on section, where shaft diameter is 8mm.
It is quite hard(in my case, impossible) to drill 8mm hole into 12mm hex. Been there, done that.

So, the question remains: can I use CVD-s or shafts from some another car?
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The winner - 11.19.07, 2:32 pm Post #17: | Reply With Quote
hi guys i have the best conversation for the mad force rtr!

1.14mm wheels
all guys here said that if you remove the stock plastic hex you will have a 14mm hex!this is true but if you buy 40 series pro-line wheels 14mm will fit at the hex but the nut is very big and it can go inside the rims and if you find a nut that go inside you will not find a hex tool (10mm) tha fit inside the rims. so you must turn at hpi conversation! you will need all these:
i)Hpi axle for savage with 8mm nut(this nut will fit perfect at narrow holes) part no:86065(x2)
ii)hpi 14mm hexes with pins and nuts part no:86066.Also i dont suggest 14mm pro-line wheels 40 series for mf because they will rub at the shock and they strip easily!

2.17mm Conversation
This is the best conversation for mad force and i have it know on my truck! thank to nikoss that help me so much with these infos.So as say nikoss with the 17mm st-r hubs you will have a big viraety of offsets+reliability because the wheel will not strip you will need:
i)kyosho inferno mp7.5 rear axles part no: IF119(x2)
ii)kyosho inferno mp777/st-r 17mm hubs with 11mm offset part no:IFW327BL with 14mm offset part no: IFW328BL
iii)kyosho wheel nuts for inferno: IFW106BL

3.23mm Conversation
The most reliabli conversation beacuse it use the biggest size of hex! never will strip the wheel, big variety of racing rims-tires.You will need:
i)kyosho rear axles from inferno mp7.5 part no: IF119(x2)
ii)pro-line 23mm hexes+nuts for buggies(the bigger widht from pro-line) part no:.#6034-03
The winner
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whitty - 11.26.07, 12:22 am Post #18: | Reply With Quote
does anyone know what paddle tyres i could put on my mad force
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rubenski - 12.26.07, 4:57 am Post #19: | Reply With Quote
hello, i found a setup and would like to know from you guys if it'll work:



kyosho inferno mp7.5 rear axles part no: IF119(x2)


will this work?

i'd order everything at towerhobby's.

hoping for a quick reply.

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Demon Knight - 12.26.07, 12:07 pm Post #20: | Reply With Quote
It should work no probs!
The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary
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