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Tom95YJ's Avatar
"Experienced user"
Tom95YJ - 7.11.09, 11:16 pm Post #51: | Reply With Quote
Here's my Slash as of now it has TRX knuckles and Caster Blocks , and VXL system.... But she'll be going under the knife in a few weeks for some major upgrades....... (mip,thunder tech, rpm rc......) maybe a MM 5700

Mine : Traxxas Slash: CC Sidewinder/VXL combo, Outlaw Chassis, Traxxas Alum Caster Blocks, Steering Knuckles, Rear Bearing Carriers.
Wifes: Traxxas Slash 2wd Greg Adler (4Wheel Parts) Edition
Crawler: Losi Mini Rock Crawler : Torn apart awaiting upgrades
"Experienced user"
natedog - 7.12.09, 10:44 am Post #52: | Reply With Quote
i want to get a rc rock crawler i want a gmade ro a scale dose any want to trade for a hpi savage rc gas truck email me or call
"Experienced user"
JustForKicks - 7.13.09, 6:10 pm Post #53: | Reply With Quote
Had a Defender body laying around and I was bored as heck. Here's the results.

And a bonus....jumping off my friends roof. (note, I did not hit the tree)

(Last edited by JustForKicks : 7.13.09 at 8:38 pm)
Stampede_Stromn's Avatar
"Slash Your Cares Away"
Stampede_Stromn - 7.14.09, 12:05 pm Post #54: | Reply With Quote
This Is my Slash thus far , its not running atm but will be back up and going soon. will show some more pictures of guts when its closer to finished.

like said will show more pictures after the guts are more the way i want em.
"Experienced user"
JustForKicks - 7.16.09, 9:59 pm Post #55: | Reply With Quote
Threw on some paddles and went to the beach....**** seaweed kept getting tangled on the axles....

satan6907's Avatar
"R2E Leader!"
satan6907 - 8.01.09, 3:10 pm Post #56: | Reply With Quote
Little update on my Slash.

Slash 2wd VXL ( rebulding for racing)
"Experienced user"
tramboy - 8.01.09, 5:41 pm Post #57: | Reply With Quote
these are all sick great job
krazikev's Avatar
"Experienced user"
krazikev - 8.22.09, 2:05 pm Post #58: | Reply With Quote
(Last edited by krazikev : 9.13.09 at 9:16 am)
satan6907's Avatar
"R2E Leader!"
satan6907 - 8.22.09, 2:06 pm Post #59: | Reply With Quote
Very nice
Slash 2wd VXL ( rebulding for racing)
krazikev's Avatar
"Experienced user"
krazikev - 8.23.09, 6:46 pm Post #60: | Reply With Quote
Attachment 16383

Attachment 16384

Attachment 16385

Attachment 16386

Click image for larger version

Name:	slash burming the sand.jpg
Views:	225
Size:	69.2 KB
ID:	16387
(Last edited by krazikev : 9.13.09 at 9:16 am)
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