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With the huge success of J-SPEC off-road spec rally racing at Delta R/C Raceway & Hobby in Antioch, California, a new class was tentatively formed to appeal to drivers interested in going fast on a flat surface, rather than tackling jumps & bumps. J-SPEC TC takes the same principles of inexpensive, close, fun competition and applies them to onroad, paved oval and dirt oval racing.

While J-SPEC focused squarely on a rally car style, J-SPEC TC allows for many racing themes to be created and promoted on a track-by-track basis. One theme could be classic muscle cars, where all bodies must resemble pre-1975 American cars:

The theme currently in use at Delta R/C is late-model "wedge" racing, using Parma Oval Outlaw 200mm bodies to create what's now called "Delta Outlaws," a fleet of rental 4-TECs run weekly on a dirt oval track with stock Pro-Line V-Rage tires. Click the following images to zoom in on individual battle-worn cars:

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Initial J-SPEC TC Specifications:

Please note that the specifications for the class are not yet finalized. These are the initial guidelines that have been agreed upon to date.

Chassis: Any 190mm 4WD 1/10th scale electric sedan.
Recommended: Inexpensive Traxxas 4-TEC or HPI Sprint RTR.
Body: Any 190mm or 200mm body. Local body themes highly encouraged, such as sport compacts, NASCAR, or American Classics.
Motor: Traxxas "Stinger" 20-turn factory-sealed can motor (included w/ Rustler, Stampede & Bandit RTR sets). No tampering permitted.
Tires: Any treaded rubber sedan tire, 24mm or 26mm in width. No silicone-capped tires, no foams, no slicks.
Battery: Unmatched, factory sealed 1500mah sport pack in "shotgun" configuration (two rows of 3 cells each). (For example, DuraTrax Shark, Trinity Amp Max, Dynamite Dyna-Sport, etc.)
Any MSC or ESC is allowed. Use of reverse not allowed during race.
Recommended: Duratrax Spike or other ESC retailing for under $50.
Transmission: Single-speed transmissions only. No two-speeds.
Other: No one-way bearings, one-way pulleys, one-way differentials or other such devices for disengaging drive to one wheel or axle when driving off-throttle.