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J-SPEC Backstory

At the Anytown, USA hobby shop I hear a mother tell her son that R/C racing is "too expensive of a hobby" to get into. A moment of pondering the deeply unfortunate truths behind that blanket statement breaks my heart. Indeed, even our modern-day "stock" racing classes encourage an exhorbitant investment to procure "creme de la crop" hand-picked motors, $100 battery packs, and obscene quantities of graphite and titanium parts.

Following the economically sound-minded mother and her devastated son out the door, I walk out to the adjacent offroad track to watch the seasoned racers with their 1/10th scale gas stadium trucks and 1/8th scale buggies chase eachother around the track. Sounds like fun! Within minutes, one of them suffers an engine flame-out. Another breaks an a-arm and shouts out an obscenity at the top of his lungs. A third gets caught up on a pipe and screams furiously at a corner marshal. I can taste the tension in the air. This does not look like "fun" to me!

What is going on? You have to suck your savings account dry to be competitive in this hobby, and once you do, you can't even enjoy yourself? Enough! It is high time for a change! 

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