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What, do you think all I do is sit behind the computer all day? Well ok, I work in software design, so yeah, that's pretty much true, by day. But when the evenings & weekends come (yesss!), I sometimes manage to tear myself away from the rest of real life and work some alchemy in the workshop.

Below are what projects I've managed to come up with so far that actually look like vehicles, including those that are still on the bench awaiting completion. I try to share all of the gory details so that others can benefit from my mistakes and the occasional good idea. If you have any questions or comments, please post them on the forums so you can get feedback from not just me, but the rest of the great RC community out there!

-"The JANG"

project pic


2010 (Terminated)

A 1/12th scale carbon fiber extended Losi Mini-T conversion that just didn't work out



2003 - UltimateRC.com

Mix one part BL motor, one part graphite, one part Dremel work and three parts pure insanity. Plug it in and take cover.

project pic

Project 21

2008 - UltimateRC.com

The 4WD, 1:8 scale, brushless CORR truck that made the Traxxas Slash look like a toy.


Ultimate Bit Char-G

2003 - UltimateRC.com

Two inches long and a truly ballistic 5mph!

project pic

Heli-Max Axe EZ

2007 - UltimateRC.com

My very first hobby-level aircraft project.


6x4 Bit Char-G (discontinued)

2002 - UltimateRC.com

The first "4WD" articulated ultra-micro RC project -- never finished.