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In most cases, the screws that come with R/C kits are not of the best quality. Short of finding a good supplier of misc hardware, your best bet to replace those cheap screws is to pick up a screw set from one of the various vendors selling R/C screw kits. Hexcrews has come up with an interesting twist on the R/C screw kit with their "no button head screws" policy - All button head screws are replaced with socket head screws. Nice idea, definitely better holding power for your tools.

Initial Impressions

Pretty straightforward here, the screw set came in a set of small ziplock baggies, each holding a different type of screw. The screws were all removed from their bags and placed in separate compartments in a spares box, and the chore of swapping out screws began.

(Editor's note: The individual labelling and packaging of items is unbeatable, and even the included decal sheet is of top-notch quality!)


Installing a screw kit is a tedious but not difficult task. Remove 1 stock screw, replace it with the new one from the screw kit. Repeat. Again. You get the idea.

The Hexcrews kit contained all but 2 of the screws necessary to swap every screw on the RCPics.net MBX-5 -- it was missing two 3x16 screws for the outer camber link mounting position.

Performance and Durability

This is the second Hexcrews.com kit I have tested, and between both kits, not a single screw has ever broken or stripped out. Having socket head screws where button heads used to be took some getting used to from a looks perspective, but it does give the buggy a unique look and the extra holding power of the socket cap screws is an nice thing to have.

Final Analysis

Well, for durablility and ease of use, the Hexcrews kits that I've tested have been great. The missing 2 screws from the MBX-5 kit were a bit troublesome, but overall, the Hexcrews kit is a worthy (and inexpensive) upgrade to your R/C vehicle. You can purchase Hexcrews products direction from their website, www.hexcrews.com.