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First Impressions

The color on these chassis braces is simply amazing. Pictures aren't enough for anyone to see how shiny they are. In person is the only way to really appriciate the looks.


Installing these are extremly easy. They don't come with instructions, but you don't really need them. If for some reason you do need instructions, they install the same as the stock ones, so you can refer to your E/T-Maxx manual. Taking the old ones off and putting the new ones on took under 10 minutes.

Test 1: The Backlot

I took my E-Maxx to a place that I've broken a few chassis braces before. Tree roots sticking out of the ground made it seem like the chassis braces has a big taget painted on them. They got hit by tons of tree roots. I ran it for about 10 minutes, and then had a bad crash that made the motor can on my brushless motor (Hacker B50 8S) pop off. I had to call it a day, but the chassis braces recieved no damage; they weren't even scratched.

Test 2: The Track

This time I took the truck out to the local race track (not a race day). Once again my run was cut short by the can on my motor popping off, but I managed to land on the track dividers many times while coming down from jumps. Still no damage at all. I was actually suprised, because they took some pretty hard hits.


These things are just great. Looks and durability, and nice and thick. They don't weigh much either, so they're good for both racers and bashers.