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Editor's note: In a total management snafu, these shock towers and the roll cage they're supposed to be used with were sent out to different reviewers. The towers were never intended to be installed in an otherwise stock vehicle, having been designed to take advantage of the RCS roll cage's protection and body mounting system. My apologies for this embarassing mistake. -The JANG

First Impressions

The very second I opened the box containing these shock towers, I was stunned by how shiney they were. For the sake of comparison, They are about comparable to the Nightmare Racing Rustler chassis. The "bling" effect of these shocktowers is strong.


These were ment to be used with the R/C Solutions rollcage (which I didn't have), so I had to be creative to mount the body posts. I mounted the shocks on the inner most shock mounting possition, and then used a long screw and a nut to mount the body posts on the outer most shock mounting position. Problem solved.

If you follow the instructions, installing the shock towers is a simple task. The only pictures are two on the back of the instructions, but they help a lot. One of the pictures shows what the towers look like after being installed, and the other one is a chart showing exact sizes of the parts included, and the numbers that they represent which you will need to know when reading the printed instructions.

You may look at the extra aluminum on the sides of the shock towers and wonder what they are for. Those limit suspension uptravel by blocking the upper a-arms, thus keeping the shocks from over-compressing. I'm sure they made some kind of difference, but to be honest, I didn't notice it.


Now for the part that matters the most, performance. I was worried about durability when I first saw how thin they were compared to the stock ones. Not having the required rollcage (JANG apologizes again) didn't help me either, but in the first test run they held up great.

Run #1: On the first run, I only drove up and down the street, in the grass, on the driveway, and jumping the curb, etc. After realizing that my E-Maxx hadn't rolled over in the 5 minutes since the run began, I decided to purposly make my E-Maxx roll over (don't worry about my sanity, it rolls over all the time so I knew it could handle it). I started out rolling it over in first gear WOT (doesn't sound too bad, but this is with a Hacker B50 8S brushless motor on 8 cells, so thats about 25mph). The shock towers weren't damaged at all, so I did the same in 2nd gear (30mph). Still no damage! And all of this was without a body on!

Run #2: No crashes worth mentioning exept for one. I hit the curb at top speed (30mph). The E-Maxx did a front flip and a half, landing on the body posts. The RX pack was thrown from the car and the BL motor can popped off and was hanging out of the car. One of the shock towers had some minor damage. One of the sides of a shock tower bend slightly, but not enough to notice unless your standing close. This of course wouldn't have happened if the roll cage would have been on.

Run#3: This time I took the E-Maxx out to the track (wasn't a race day, just practicing). With the design of these shock towers, it's obvious that the designer had racing in mind, so naturally these shock towers should do well on a track. I drove it as hard as I possibly could. Driving off the sides of jumps, Going into turns WAY too fast, ect. The test ended with a painfull nose dive that popped the can off of my BL motor. The rear shock tower bent more than in the second test, but once again, the roll cage would have completly protected
the shock tower, so if I was using the roll cage I doubt any damage would have been inflicted.


The shock towers look great. Perfect for someone seeking to add more "bling bling" to their truck. Most people won't purposly crash like I did, but accidents do happen, and the roll cage is must have for these shock towers. It doesn't matter if your a hardcore basher or a racer, these shock towers will work great for either use.

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