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In 1994, Traxxas launched what would become the top-selling hobby-level electric stadium truck alongside a high-riding cousin that defied classification. Twelve years later, the electric Rustler and Stampede are still regarded as the two of the best beginner and bashing trucks on the market, and thanks to a new round of upgrades, they just got even better.

These new models bring the promise of more speed, better handling, and more durability. It looks on paper like a winning combination, but then again, looks have been known to be deceiving.

I was fortunate enough to receive one each of the very first batch of these updated trucks. For this article, I'll be looking at what has changed in the new models versus the classics so many of us have come to know. I'll first carefully inspect them whole and in pieces on the workbench, then take them out to asphalt, grass, and dirt fields to really see what they're made of. I'll compare features and performance and test the believability of Traxxas' new top speed claims.

Without further ado, let's get started!

Navigation:   1. Intro 2. The Rustler 3. The Stampede 4. Field Testing 6. Conclusions